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Gliding Feet Therapy

At A Glance

Ashiatsu Gliding Feet Therapy is a deep tissue massage using the feet to massage. With oils or creams, Ashiatsu can be performed on a massage table with overhead bars for support or it can be done on a floor mat using a stool for support. Learn to glide and control you pressure using one foot or two feet techniques.

Ashiatsu - Gliding Feet Therapy Level 1

Learn how to address troublesome tension areas on the body using only your feet! With the aid of stabilizing bars overhead, use your body weight to treat clients and avoid repetitive strain injuries to your wrists and arms.

Ashiatsu - Gliding Feet Therapy Level 2

In this workshop, you will further your skills in Ashiatsu Gliding Feet Therapy by incorporating 2-feet postures to your flow. Learn how to control your weight and customize your massage for an even deeper compression for your client using both feet with the aid of stabilizing bars overhead.

Ashiatsu Mat - Gliding Feet Therapy Thai Style

This course will teach you Ashiatsu techniques performed on a comfortable floor mat. You will learn to glide along their body with your feet, occasionally using a stool for balance. You will explore working with Thai sen lines (energy lines) and marma points (acupressure points) as well as incorporating oils and gentle stretches in the flow. This is a fantastic additional skill for any Thai Massage practitioner who usually works on a mat.