Institute of Thai Massage and Traditional Bodywork

Whether you are looking to become a Massage Therapist, adding to your existing practice or just want to take a workshop for fun, we have something for everyone. Our professional and highly experienced team will help you navigate to a program or workshop that is just right for you!












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Massage Therapy Program

Our complete Thai Massage Therapist Diploma Program is specifically designed for those who want to embark on a new career to become a Massage Therapist in Quebec.

Thai Certification Program

Whether you are a Massage Therapist already or simply want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, our Thai Massage Certifications are designed for you! With 6 Levels of training and 3 Certifications, you have the flexibility of choosing your own schedule.
So, what are you waiting for?

Course Bundles and Intensive Trainings

Course Bundles are groups of related workshop trainings offered back to back intensively. With fixed dates and periods during the year, this budget friendly way of training is for you!

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For a taste of Lotus Palm Thai courses,
try our 2-Hour Introduction to Thai Massage

Not sure about Thai Massage? Why not experience it for yourself?
Book a Thai massage treatment with one of our therapists!

What our students say about the courses

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our students!

"The concept of "metta" alone, loving kindness, did me so much good. It calls for deep listening and pure intention; it’s a spiritual experience in itself. I particularly enjoy the meditative aspect of the practice. I am indebted to all the teachers and students with whom I studied; they encouraged me, trusted me and allowed me to be and know myself more."

- Geneviève Gignac

"I signed up for the Level 1 course with Sukha in February 2017. It was a fantastic experience. Sukha expertly guided a highly varied group of students through a 90 minutes program, which was logical, effective, and felt really good to do as a practitioner. The sessions I have offered to friends and family have been quite well received. That same meditative, spiritual, healing energy I get from yoga seems to be a natural extension of the work."

- Greg Haggard

"Would I recommend Lotus Palm to anyone seeking an amazing experience and excellent teachers? 110% - it will change your life from the inside out and will be a breath of fresh air for you."

- Darryl Roy Stewart

"At Lotus Palm, I felt like I was a part of one big family, who's intentions are to cultivate loving - kindness. (...) The heart of the school itself feels like a temple, especially retreating to their stone garden for lunch breaks. Thai Yoga Massage is truly a meditative practice and Lotus Palm has got it going on."

- Dhokela Yzeiraj

"My certification in Herbal compress at Lotus Palm (my first time there) really felt like I was part of a group of friends where we learnt the best ways. I felt welcome, encouraged, challenged and pushed to do good. Sukha is an incredible human being, friendly, open, caring and helpful. I had an amazing experience all over the 3 days, I learnt a lot about massage, techniques , but also about me as a massage therapist through the certification and the exchanges . I am grateful I finally discovered Lotus Palm and finally went through this certification."

- Louis-Elyan Martin

"I felt home the first time I set foot at Lotus Palm. I keep going back there if only to feel the special energy of the place: you can really feel the Metta! The quality of the professors, the courses and all the people who revolve around the school is unique. They are like a second family to me. I want to continue this journey and know I have a lot more to learn at the Lotus Palm! This story is far from over!"

- Marie-Joëlle Gosselin

"I chose Lotus Palm because it not only teaches Thai Massage but also Lomi Lomi and Thai Reflexology, as well as extended and deeper techniques like Anatomy and Physiology. I can do it at my own speed and financial capabilities; all win - win aspects."

- Gail Eastmon-Otis

"The Massage Therapist Program at Lotus Palm was amazing! Even during the start of the pandemic, they pulled together to guide us through to graduate in a timely fashion! The Lotus Palm team are amazing people and they offer highly professional trainings in a very zen and stress-free environment. This therapist program also helped me to look inwards and see what I really wanted to do, and after years of working in customer service and in IT, I have decided to pursue this career of helping people in a different way, by continuing on as a Massage Therapist."

- Micheline Chartier