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Ashiatsu on the Mat – Gliding Feet Therapy Thai Style

  • CAD: CAD$525.00

Open to anyone who’s done bodywork

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The Ashiatsu techniques are brought to the mat, with an emphasis on Sen lines and Marma points.


August 21-23, 2024 (Wed-Fri), 9am – 4:30pm

Lotus Palm
5244 St Urbain (corner Fairmount)
Montreal, QC
H2T 2W9

This course is bilingual (English and French)

Open to everyone who has done bodywork



In this technique, the receiver is lying on a mat on the floor. You will learn to glide along their body with your feet, occasionally using a stool for balance. You will explore working with Sen lines (energy lines) and Marma points (acupressure points) as well as incorporating oils and gentle stretches in the flow. This is a fantastic additional skill for any Thai Massage practitioner who usually works on a mat.

Course content

  • History of Ashiatsu
  • Working with Sen lines and Marma points
  • Complete a 60-minute Gliding Feet sequence using oils
  • How to maneuver around the mat effortlessly with the aid of a stool
  • Contraindications and benefits

Required Reading

  • Ashiatsu Mat: Gliding Feet Therapy Manual
    * Books are not included in the course price.


Deep Pressure: We will be both giving and receiving during this workshop and some contraindications should be considered when receiving, i.e. pregnancy, breast augmentations, recent eye surgery, arthritis…


Returning Students
If you have already completed this course you are eligible to retake it for only 50% of the current price.

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