Sukha Wong
Owner/Director Lotus Palm School

Born in Hong Kong, Sukha was raised in a traditional Chinese household where the art of massage was always a big part of her life. Her earliest memories of practicing massage on her mother hold a very special place in her heart. Meaningful memories of food, dragon dances, fireworks and many celebrations and customs still remain close to her heart. She believes that being selfless and dedicating her love to her mom helped her realize her calling. Her mom was truly her inspiration.

Raised in Montreal, Canada in a multicultural society, her east meets west upbringing truly brought a special balance to her work and has had many influences in her teachings. The understanding and link between different cultures helps to enrich her personally and professionally. Her extensive travels and studies internationally has given her the opportunity to expand and offer new and exciting workshops at the Lotus Palm.

In 2011 she became owner of the Lotus Palm School and continues to spread and expand the beautiful healing art form of Thai Massage.

With the early years of Lotus Palm, she recognizes and thanks the people who got us here in the first place. Having been the understudy of Kam Thye Chow since 2004 she expresses her heartfelt admiration and appreciation for Kam Thye. It is an honor for her to continue and evolve the Lotus Palm legacy that he created. “He is greatly missed”.

Today Sukha continues to teach in Montreal and internationally. As an experienced certified massage therapist and instructor, she develops courses and applies a holistic life science and life strategy approach that enables her students to reach their full potential. As a martial artist (she is 4th dan black belt in Taekwondo) she brings both discipline and body awareness to her teachings.

Sukha’s ongoing commitment to the integration of body and spirit compels her to inspire others through her teachings.