If I began my Thai Massage training before 2011 (under Kam Thye Chow’s direction) at Lotus Palm, have course policies changed?

Yes, since 2011 Massage Associations affiliated with Lotus Palm have since revised their policies and now require more hours of training. As a result, Lotus Palm has also updated certain of its policies in terms of prerequisites. It is best to follow our guidelines and to communicate with us for more information on new changes.

What is the difference between a Lotus Palm Attestation Letter, a Certification or a Diploma?
  • A Lotus Palm Attestation Letter that is provided to each student at the end of a workshop is a document that proves that the individual has indeed attended and completed the workshop hours.
  • A Lotus Palm Certification involves an objective and independent assessment of an individual’s knowledge and skills. Basically, this means that there is some form of evaluation and practice required to achieve/obtain a Certification.  Certification that focuses on specialized knowledge and can be obtained within a few workshop trainings. You will not be a Massage Therapist after obtaining a Certification. In order to become a Massage Therapist, you will need to complete the Diploma program.
  • A Lotus Palm Diploma program is a lengthier program and is considered more comprehensive of an entire subject area. In general, this diploma program caters to the pursuit of knowledge focused on a particular career in Massage Therapy.
How long do I have to complete an entire Certification Program to obtain my Certifications ?

We offer 3 Thai Massage Certifications: Essential Certification (Levels 1 & 2), Intermediate Certification (Levels 3 & 4), and Advanced Certification (Levels 5 & 6).

  • The Practitioner’s Certification Program (at a discounted tuition) consists of Thai Massage levels 1 to 6 during the summer. Students have 2 years to complete all 6 levels from the time they start Thai Massage level 1. For instance, students who began their studies with Level 1 in January 1st 2020, have until January 1st, 2022 to complete all requirements and submit for all 3 of their Certifications. Follow this link for more information:
  • Taking courses/workshops À la carte one at the time can be done at your leisure and students have 1 year to submit all requirements from the completion of Level 2 or Level 4 or Level 6 to obtain a Certification. However, you do have up to 3 years to jump into the next level of training and there are no discounts on any courses/workshops
I want to become a Massage Therapist. How long is the Diploma Program?

The Massage Therapist Diploma Base Program is a 7-month intensive program unique to those who intend to work in Quebec.  This program includes 425 hours of courses and then you can continue building towards 1000+ hours at your leisure. We have a French session and an English session yearly.

When can a student join the Practitioners Certification Program or the Massage Therapist Diploma Program?

You can do so at anytime as there is a price advantage with a discount on the Program tuition if you sign up in advance.

However at the latest a student can decide while taking the Thai Massage Level 1 course and has until the end of course/workshop to decide if they want to jump into a program of their choice in order to take advantage of the discounted tuition for these programs.

If you are still not sure if you want to commit to a program after taking the Thai Massage Level 1 course, you can do so at a later date and still obtain a smaller discount on the program tuition.

Will I receive a Certification after the completion of a course?

You will receive an Attestation Letter indicating that you’ve taken the course/workshop for the corresponding number of hours but this is not a certification. To obtain a certificate, there are procedures and requirements to be completed. Please consult the Practitioner Certification page.

Do I need to complete the documented massage practices and requirements before I start the next level of training?

You can start doing your documented massage practices at your leisure. You do not need to complete them before signing up for the next level of training. Complete Certification requirements should be sent when you apply for a certification. Certification information requirements will be explained and emailed to you in your course/workshop.

To learn more about our Certification policies, please read our policies.

What are the requirements to obtain a Certification?

In order to receive a Certification there are practice requirements such as documented massage practices, student clinics, supervisions and an assistantship to fulfill. These requirements will be explained to you during your workshops. Requirements will differ depending if you are from out of town or from the surrounding area of the region.

If I have a Thai Massage background from another school can I join the Lotus Palm to continue to further my training in Thai Massage?

Yes, we will need a proof of certification from your training elsewhere and a «Bridge Program» is required. A Bridge Program is a one on one with a teacher who will assess your Thai Massage skills in order to place you in the proper Lotus Palm training Level. It is important to know that each school has a different flow and way of teaching.

Can I give out massage insurance receipts and get liability insurance after I complete all 6 Thai Massage Levels and get all my Certifications?

In Québec, the rest of Canada and in the United States you will need to register and complete a Massage Therapy Diploma Program in a Massage School in order to become a Massage Therapist. Only then can you apply to join a Massage Association in your region to be able to write insurance receipts and get liability insurance. Note that rules and regulations differ from province to province, state to state and from country to country. We suggest calling the massage associations in your area of practice for more information.

I am already a Massage Therapist, will your training be recognized by my Massage Association?

Yes, we are recognized internationally and most if not all Massage Associations will accept our massage training hours. At the end of every workshop training, you will receive an Attestation Letter with CE (Continue Education Units) that you will be able to submit to your massage association to add to your hours of massage training. However, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure their massage trainings gets recognized by their association before undertaking a workshop.

How can I bring Lotus Palm trainings to my city or country?

If you would like to have Lotus Palm come to you, please contact us at admin@lotuspalm.com and we would be happy to help set up courses in your area.

In which language are the workshops offered?

In Montreal, both French and English are spoken. Workshops are taught bilingually and manuals are offered in either French or English. Our teachers speak both languages as well as our workshop assistants (who can translate during the course if needed). For our On-the-Road courses, the language will depend on where the course is being given.

If I am coming from out of town to study at Lotus Palm are there any places close by for accommodations?

Yes, there are a number of different types of accommodations available in the area within walking distance to the centre. Once you have registered for a workshop, as your request, we can send you a list of suggested accommodations.

Do you offer anything else besides Thai Massage courses ?

Yes, not only do we have the most complete Thai Yoga Massage program in North America but we also offer a series of courses/workshops, which can perfectly compliment and support your initial training. Here’s a link to our course calendar.

Do I need to buy/read the required course manual(s) in advance?

You are not required to purchase nor read any manual in advance. Note that our course/workshop manuals are available for purchase on the first day of the course.

I do not want a Certification nor Diploma. Do I still need to do massage practices?

Many people take our trainings for fun or for personal growth. You do not have to do any massage practices if you do not want a certificate nor a diploma. However, it is fun to practice the techniques on friends and family so that you don’t forget what you have learnt in class. The more you practice the smoother it feels and easier it gets!

For any additional questions or questions concerning our workshops and programs please contact us:

Montreal: (514)-270-5713 or admin@lotuspalm.com
International: toll-free number:1-855-888-5713