Student Clinics

Student Clinics are an opportunity to practice on different body types and pathologies; providing experience that helps students in their future professional practice. Practice makes perfect!

Supervised Student Clinics are mandatory to receive certifications and for those enrolled for the Massage Therapist Diploma Program but not limited to students in Montreal or the greater Montreal area.

For each certification, students must do 5 Student Clinics of 3 hours each (15 hours per certification) following this breakdown:

Essential Certification

Level 1: 2x Student Clinics
Level 2: 3x Student Clinics

Intermediate Certification

Level 3: 2x Student Clinics
Level 4: 3x Student Clinics

Advanced Certification

Level 5: 2x Student Clinics
Level 6: 3x Student Clinics


  • Students are required to invite two guests for every clinic.
  • Students are required to provide the names of their guests, the time they will be arriving and duration of the massage session.
  • Lotus Palm can help to book walk-in clients for 30, 60 or 90-minute massages provided that the students give enough advanced notice.

To ensure a better service for students and guests during the Student Clinics, it is mandatory to register by phone at least one week in advance.

Montreal: 514.270.5713 or toll-free 1.855.888.5713

* Student Clinic Procedures will be provided to our students during their training at Lotus Palm.


Student Clinics take place several times per month, following this schedule:

  • Tuesdays from 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturdays AM from 9am to 12pm
  • Saturdays PM from 1pm to 4pm

See calendar below for precise dates. These dates are subject to change without notice. 

*NOTE: On the odd occasion, days and times can differ and will be indicated next to the dates below. See calendar below for precise dates. These dates are subject to change without notice.

Please reserve your spot at least 48 hours in advance by contacting us:
514-270-5713 or 1-855-888-5713.

Student Clinic Dates – (Hallstyle Thai Massage)

January 2023

Saturday 25

February 2023

Tuesday 15

March 2023

Tuesday 21
Saturday 25

April 2023

Saturday 1
Tuesday 18

May 2023

Tuesday 9
Tuesday 23

June 2023

Saturday 10
Tuesday 20

July 2023

Saturday 1
Tuesday 18

August 2023

Tuesday 8
Saturday 19

September 2023

Saturday 16
Tuesday 19

October 2023

Saturday 7
Tuesday 31

November 2023

Saturday 11
Tuesday 28

December 2023

Saturday 9
Tuesday 12