About Lotus Palm

With over 25 years of experience, Lotus Palm is the largest Thai Massage Institution with
the most complete Thai Massage Trainings in North America and abroad.
We are the leaders in the industry of Thai Massage.

Lotus Palm was founded in 1995, by Kam Thye Chow. In North America, the school was an innovation, being the first of its kind to specialize in Thai Massage. Lotus Palm, since its beginnings, has embraced growth and evolution. In response to the increased interest and the growing numbers of students, the school refined its therapeutic program, styles and levels of teaching. This lead to the development of a full formation with six levels of Thai Yoga Massage and the integration of Ayurveda and Sen energy lines. Lotus Palm also developed many sub-courses, with the intention of diversifying the practice and broadening its accessibility. These adapted forms include; Table Thai Massage, Chair massage, Prenatal massage and styles aimed at targeting the physical needs of the elderly.

With the growing popularity of Thai Massage and the school’s developing international reputation, Lotus Palm responded by building programs and partnerships that enable their teachers to travel abroad through their On-the-Road program. Although Lotus Palm retains its roots in Montreal, it has broadened its approach by regularly offering courses across Canada, in the US, the Caribbean and abroad.

In 2011 Sukha Wong, one of the senior instructors and Kam Thye Chow’s understudy became the owner of Lotus Palm and quickly began expanding within her personal vision. This includes a variety of new of programs; with the aim of enriching the learning opportunities within the school. This was accomplished through additional courses, such as Lomi Lomi, Ashiatsu, Thai Reflexology, Thai Style Head Massage, Tok Sen, Chi Nei Tsang among others.

Lotus Palm is committed to the cultivation of its programming, spreading the love of its vocation and the continued propagation of its therapeutic techniques. The school is devoted to continuing its teachings and for this reason it is under constant development, both in the services it offers and the expansion of its courses and professional Massage Therapist Programs.