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Tok Sen

Tok Sen: a tapping vibration therapy that originates from Northern Thailand. This unique modality combines Thai stretches and compressions with rhythmic taps of a Tok Sen Hammer and a Wedge/Stick. The steady rhythmic tapping along the Sen (energy) lines helps to leave the recipient blissfully relaxed and in a meditative state.  The vibration and tapping together releases dopamine improving the quality of sleep with relaxation and stress relief.

Tok Sen

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Whether you are a massage therapist already or simply want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, our Thai Massage Certifications are designed for you! With 6 Levels of training and 3 Certifications, you have the flexibility of choosing your own schedule.
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Vibration Therapy in massage is not a new concept. In a Swedish massage, Tui Na and massages alike often uses rhythmic percussion like tapotement which involves rhythmic tapping or patting of the soft tissue structures using a cupped hand or with the outside edge of the hand (chopping) to calm the nervous system and relax the muscles.


Tok Sen Level 1

Tok Sen is part of an ancient Thai Massage technique used to rhythmically strike or tap along the muscles and Sen lines using a hammer and stick made traditionally of tamarind wood. This tapping technique is an effective way of relaxing or stimulating the body through vibrations.

Tok Sen Level 2

In this second level, learn how to access the deeper muscles for a deeper relaxation. You’ll also learn more postures to add to your repertoire.