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Chi Nei Tsang 2

Chi Nei Tsang - Improves Circulation and Tension in the Abdomen

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Chi Nei Tsang – Level 1

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Chi Nei Tsang Level 2 will focus on how negative energies impact the abdomen region and how to customize a 60-minute abdomen massage flow.

November 6-8, 2024 (Wed-Fri), 9am – 4:30pm

Lotus Palm
5244 St Urbain (corner Fairmount)
Montreal, QC
H2T 2W9

This course is bilingual (English and French)

Chi Nei Tsang Level 1 and to be in good health.


This workshop will help you better understand how positive and negative energies affect the body. Learn to release tension and discomforts by recognizing how negative emotions can impact specific organs in the abdomen and customize an abdomen massage to unblock negative energies. You will perform and experience the technique both on a comfortable floor mat and on a massage table.

Course content

  • Philosophy of Chi Nei Tsang
  • How to customize a 60-minute abdomen massage
  • Learn the positive and negative emotions related to the organs in the abdomen region
  • How to release tensions and discomforts that are related to negative emotions
  • Compassionate and loving touch


  • “Chi Nei Tsang – Level 2 Manual
    * Manual is not included in the course price and can be purchased on the first day of the workshop.


Returning Students
If you have already completed this course you are eligible to retake it for only 50% of the current price.

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