Thai Massage Certification

3 Certifications - 6 Levels of Thai Massage

3 Certifications - 6 Levels of Thai Massage

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Whether you are a Massage Therapist already or simply
want to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, our Thai Massage Certifications are designed for you! With 6 Levels of training and 3 Certifications, you have the flexibility of choosing your own schedule. So, what are you waiting for?

Want a Certification in Thai Massage?

Our Thai Practitioner Certifications will take you on an invaluable journey of self discovery and teach you skills that promise you will never look at another person in the same way again. Learn to read body types and customize your Thai Massage sessions using Ayurvedic principles working with energy and acupressure points. By the end of the 6 levels you will have learned 7 hours of Thai Massage and over 200 postures.

Lotus Palm’s Practitioner Certifications are divided into six levels of instruction; it progresses from a solid theoretical foundation, through to advanced massage techniques. Lotus Palm’s course load is derived from the traditional art of Thai Yoga Massage and also incorporates the significant teachings of Ayurveda, Sen lines and Marma points. The understanding and techniques acquired in our Practitioner Certifications, equips our students with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience, to practice Thai Massage in a manner that is professional and secure.

Thai Massage Essential Certification

Thai Massage Level 1

Level 1 course teaches a full body 90-minute Thai Massage flow, in addition to introducing the basic techniques; you will be setting a solid foundation for a more advanced study.

Thai Massage Level 2

Level 2 course is an additional 90-minute Thai Massage flow where you’ll begin to customize your massage by incorporating Lotus Palm’s 8 elements based on your clients’ shape, size and flexibility.

Thai Massage Intermediate Certification

Thai Massage Level 3

Level 3 bridges Thai Massage with its historical roots in Ayurveda. Students will be empowered with this profound philosophy to deepen the therapeutic quality of their practice. As students learn the fundamentals of Ayurvedic principles and the 3 mind-body constitutions (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), they will be able to apply these concepts in the context of another 60-minute Thai Massage flow.

Thai Massage Level 4

Level 4 further deepens the study of Ayurvedic philosophy which includes learning of the Marma points (the pressure points), Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle. Learning a 60-minute Thai Massage flow to customize a massage to energize or relax the mind and body.

Thai Massage Advanced Certification

Thai Massage Level 5

This advanced course teaches you all 10 energy lines (the Sip Sen) and how to incorporate them into a powerful 60-minute Thai Massage flow. The energy lines are the traditional theory of the massage. You will learn the detailed running of the lines, their properties and how to use them in the massage while incorporating Ayurvedic principles and elements from your previous Lotus Palm Levels of Thai Massage training.

Thai Massage Level 6

This course binds together all you have learned in levels 1 through 5 in order to create another 60-minute Thai Massage flow. You will use Ayurvedic principles, Marma points, Sen lines and your own intuition to explore case studies, develop work plans and harness the great potential of this incredible restorative practice.

At the heart of Lotus Palm our Thai Massage Trainings inspire and touches body and soul.

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