Our Team



Sukha is the owner and director of Lotus Palm. Growing up in a traditional Chinese household, massage has been part of her entire life. She is an accomplished certified massage therapist and instructor who has been developing courses for a number of years. She believes Thai Yoga Massage is a deep and meaningful philosophy that washes away the stresses and strains of everyday living. Sukha’s ongoing commitment to the integration of body and spirit compels her to inspire others through her teachings. She brings a friendly sense of balance and inner peace to stretching, compressing and energy work.



Native of Malaysia, Kam Thye was raised in the tradition of Asian arts and healing customs. After his arrival in Canada, he founded the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, which became the first educational institution of its type on the continent. He has since published extensively, enjoys a practice in the visual arts and is a proud Canadian. Kam Thye continued at Lotus Palm as both a consultant and teacher, until his passing on March 27, 2018.



Tony Eng is a certified massage therapist that specializes in an osteopathic approach, using techniques such as Cranio sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation and somato-emotional release. He has an extensive teaching background in several modalities including Anatomy and Physiology for bodyworkers. Tony is able to share his knowledge and teachings of the importance of intuitive touch and bio-mechanics of the body. He believes the body is a sacred place and it deserves the upmost metta!

Marie Dumont


With a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (UdeM) and a passion for the human body, Marie comes across Thai Yoga Massage at a turning point in her life. She does her training at Lotus Palm (2013) and further studies at Sunshine School in Chiang Mai (2019). Through Thai Massage she discovers the power of touch, something so powerful that it can move mountains, and Metta, that unconditional loving kindness that we share with those around us. Marie works as a therapist and teaches at Lotus Palm since 2017. She continues to further her studies.



Valérie underwent her Yoga teacher training in India and she approaches yoga as a comprehensive whole, according as much importance to pranayama and meditation as to asanas practice. She is a massage therapist, a yoga instructor and she is also committed to an ongoing meditation training under the guidance of a Tibetan Buddhist master.



Jasmine started her new vocation in 2011. After working as a graphic designer, it was time for a change. She feels lucky to have been introduced to the art of Thai Massage by Kam Thye Chow. It was a deep intuitive calling causing an immediate immersion into this therapeutic art in Montreal as well as in Thailand. She pursues her passion by learning Lomi Lomi, Thai Style Head Massage and Thai Style Reflexology from Sukha Wong. Her studies continue currently in Myofascialogy along with Fasciatherapy. These additional skills bring a holistic and unique approach to her practice as part of the Lotus Palm family. It is through her “Metta” touch that Jasmine, a dedicated professional Massage Therapist and teacher, is helping others. This is how 10 years of certified massage therapist went by.



Prior to learning Thai Yoga Massage, Robert worked as an aerospace technical writer. Yet he felt there was more to life than just sitting in front of computer. He began his transition to Thai Yoga massage in 2008 after attending an open house event at Lotus Palm. He finds Thai Yoga massage and bodywork as an ideal way to connect with and help people. Robert enjoys discovering new ways to relieve pain and obtain optimum health and relaxation.



Renee Rice is a certified Thai Yoga Bodywork teacher and practitioner in the New York City and San Francisco Bay Area. With extensive studies in anatomy and physiology from the Medical College of Ohio, along with her lifelong training in ballet and martial arts, she bridges her unique passions into the creative artistry of Thai Yoga Massage. It was while traveling in Thailand that she first experienced this amazing healing art that left her energized, restored and overflowing with bliss. This inspired her to seek the tutelage under Kam Thye Chow, founder of the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage. Trained in the spirit of Metta (loving kindness) her passion is to bring the compassionate touch of Thai Yoga Massage to every day life.



Karine first studied languages, literature and German history in Montreal and Berlin. She started out her career as a translator and a teacher until she discovered yoga, mindfulness and massotherapy. It resonated so intensely for her, that she made it her new carrier. Over the years, she learned several techniques and modalities that she blended and melded to create her own unique style and practiced in various environments. She was so inspired and so deeply moved by her therapist experience in nursing homes, that at 40 years old, she decided get a degree in nursing to work in palliative cares and hemato-oncology. She also teaches Professional Ethics at Lotus Palm since 2018 and became manager and student advisor briefly for the school in 2021. She is now learning Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm and spreading the Metta around her.



Edgardo became a certified Thai massage therapist in 2013 and since then, he has continued his studies in Canada and Thailand (learning Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue massage, Thai Reflexology, Thai head massage, Cupping, Myofascial techniques, Therapeutic Thai protocols, Jap-Sen and Tok Sen). In addition, he taught Thai massage workshops in Argentina, Uruguay, Greece and Canada. Since 2014, he has been supervising the student clinics at Lotus Palm and giving massages at its premises.



Shelley is a yoga teacher/therapist and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. As a certified life coach and a life "enthusiast," she believes in facilitating lightness, integrity, kindness, generosity, and laughter into her love of teaching and daily life. Shelley's practice of Thai Yoga Massage is motivated and encouraged not only by its healing attributes, but its overall cultivation of mindfulness, relaxation, loving-kindness and well-being. She is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, and has been teaching in diverse areas of personal development for more than 25 years. Shelley feels privileged to be guided under the tutelage of Sukha to teach the Lotus Palm methodology of Thai Yoga Massage.



I have always been fascinated by people. Growing up, I nourished my quest for knowledge by exploring a variety of knowledge ranging from law to psychology, from traditional Chinese medicine to the world of ritual, from the power of the talking circle to that of silence, introspection and the world of dreams. For 17+ years, I have been practicing as a therapist in Shiatsu, I teach counseling and sexuality workshops in several energy and psycho-body schools. More recently, I totally emerge into the wonderful world of ancestral practices with plants. I am also a mother of 3 fantastic magical beings!

Micheline Chartier

Admistrator & Student Counselor

Growing up, Micheline’s meaningful relationship with friends and family had always made her think of how she can help others. This led her to Massage Therapy after pursuing her deep love of theater and acting for many years. Being a Massage Therapist has been more rewarding then she could have imagined. After receiving her massage diploma from Lotus Palm in 2020, Micheline joined the Lotus Palm team in 2021 as a Massage Therapist and loved it so much that in 2022, she became Administrator and Student Advisor. With her engaging personality and empathy towards others she continues to facilitate others to successfully navigate towards a rewarding career and journey in Massage Therapy.

Kitty Wong

Adminstrator Assistant & Reception

As Administrator assistant and reception, Kitty joined the team in 2014. Interacting with multitudes of students and clients passing through the centre daily has helped her develop a greater sense of Metta (loving compassion) for others and for self. Her calm demeanor, pleasant personality, dedication and willingness to help others makes her an invaluable Lotus Palm member.