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Thai Massage Using the Feet (Thailand)

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Discover the ancient art of Thai massage and unlock a new level of therapeutic care for your clients. In this specialized 3-day workshop, you’ll immerse yourself in the powerful techniques of using the feet to deliver a deeply balancing and rejuvenating massage experience.

As massage therapists, we often start by using our thumbs and hands to work on our clients. Over time, we progress to utilizing our elbows and knees. However, in many cases, we can preserve the longevity of our fingers by taking a step back and leveraging our feet and body weight instead.


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Thai Baht 8,100.- ( Appr. USD 220 or EUR 205 )

For advanced Thai Massage practitioners.

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December 30, 2024 to January 1, 2025: 3 days/18 hours


This course is in English.



The Healing Power of Feet: Traditional Thai Massage Methods
This comprehensive program blends traditional Thai massage methods with a strong emphasis on safety and proper body mechanics. You’ll learn a variety of one-foot and two-foot techniques that not only help your clients achieve deep relaxation and improved well-being, but also prevent injury to your own wrists, thumbs, and knees.

Unlock a truly unique experience and offer your clients a level of care that goes beyond the ordinary. The ancient art of Thai massage, when combined with the specialized use of the feet, can deliver a profoundly therapeutic and balancing session that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your massage skills and offer your clients a truly unique and transformative experience.

Course Highlights:
– Integrate using the feet into a full-body Thai session
- Essential techniques (e.g. kneading, rocking, acupressure using the feet).
– Proper body mechanics, positioning and weight distribution to prevent injury.
– Principles of energy work and sen line stimulation.
– Customization and adapting techniques to address individual client needs.
– Client communication and strategies for adapting traditional Thai methods to ensure client comfort and safety.

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