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Thai Massage & Myo Fascial Release 2

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Thai Massage & Myo-Fascial Release 1

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This advanced course will give you a deeper understanding of fascia by experiencing deeper structures, restrictions and posture.

Already understanding the fascinating world of 3-dimensional fascial chains throughout the body. We will explore more complex conditions and structures that can be treated by Thai Massage and Myo-Fascial Release techniques.

Course content and outline:
  • Analyze posture imbalances caused by fascial restrictions and learn how to bring the body back to alignment.
  • Learn the body’s natural law of compensation to solve the primary problem source.
  • Dive into deeper layers of fascia, joints, muscles, tendons.
  • Apply advance treatment techniques concentrating on anterior and posterior chains to mold the body back to balance by blending Thai Massage Myo Fascial Release Techniques.
  • Learn how to treat fascia restrictions around nerve paths that may be the primary cause of sciatic nerve and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Learn how to treat directly on deep scar tissues and how it affects the body as a whole.
  • Learn the art of Multi-Therapist treatments.
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