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Thai Massage Level 2 – NYC

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Be introduced to new postures and case studies, with the aim of customizing of your massage.

Monday October 16 – Friday October 20, 2023, 10am – 5pm

Integral Yoga New York
227 W. 13th Street
New York, 10011

This course is in English.

Thai Massage Level 1.


Level 2 course combines Level 1 material to customize a 90-minute massage. This will incorporate Lotus Palm’s 8 elements to consider when customizing your massage according to the clients’ shape, size and flexibility. There will be a complete review of all Level 1 material as well.

Course content

  • 90 additional minutes of massage techniques, including side-lying postures
  • Expanded Thai energy lines
  • How to customize massages to accommodate common ailments
  • How to adapt the massage for people of different sizes and flexibilities

Required Reading

  • The Essential Guide
  • Thai Yoga Massage

* Books are not included in the course price.

Returning Students
If you have already completed this course you are eligible to retake it for only 25% of the current price (75% discount).

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